[CRITICAL INFORMATION] Our sister company, Stonehouse Insurance Services, has put out a newsletter, asking us to address some key misinformation that is out there. 
Key 1: Some organizations have been led to believe they are not eligible for the SBA PPP loan/grant because they don’t have employees. That is incorrect, the PPP loan/grant is eligible to even, sole proprietors and independent contractors. If you have been given this impression, call us today to discuss how we can help you file now. 

Key 2:
Many business owners have been led to believe their banks are no longer accepting PPP applications. We have helped many owners already file with their bank, when they were previously under the impression it was closed to them. This sometimes was due to simply by being misdirected by branch employees, and not logging in online directly to their online account. If this is you, please call us today.
Michael Emerson | Stonehouse Consulting Group

We are offering dedicated COVID-19 consulting support services during these unprecedented times.

Some of which are:

  • Assistance in filing SBA and other related loans.
  • Company restructuring, scaling, and forecasting.

Please contact Michael Emerson today, to discuss your individual needs: 

(951) 972-8140