“Business Focus on the Entrepreneurial Sector:

We also have a special focus within the industry segments on the entrepreneurial sector. One of the most vibrant sectors of the economy is the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. It is the engine room driving the country’s economic growth. Generating a large percentage of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the vast number of
emerging and medium sized businesses that make up the SME sector, exhibit the vitality, drive and flair
expected of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Recognizing the special needs of SMEs, Stonehouse has put together a professional services team to cater for these needs. Our Entrepreneurial Consulting Services (ECS) are dedicated exclusively to assisting emerging and medium-sized business, bringing business our know-how and expertise. As business advisers, our Entrepreneurial Consulting Services team brings leading edge skills, supporting your knowledge and experience with ours to generate new ideas, new solutions and enhanced results.

Our ECS professionals will assist you in business planning and control, financial planning, expansion,information systems, financing, risk and other commercial services. With years of professional experience behind it, our team have helped develop many business ventures and know how critical the planning and implementation stages are to the success of any venture.”