About Us

We are Stonehouse Consulting, your local California Strategic Business Consulting and Risk Management Specialists. We take pride in being the go-to when it comes to helping business owners manage their growth management needs and solutions. Our clients’ long-term security and business success is our ultimate goal, and the passion that drives us.

Our Approach is to Create Value through our Strength in Expertise, People Based, and our Holistic Perspective. With years of professional experience behind it, our team has helped to develop and grow many business ventures. As your consulting professionals, our first job is to understand you and help you project your current position. We then work with you to create a roadmap for the achievement and growth of your full vision focusing on your unique needs. Our Approach Will Help Create The Future You Want.

Our Strategic Approach

Our Consulting Services focus on maximizing our clients’ growth opportunities in today’s connected and fast paced economy: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, corporate finance, risk and sustainability across key industry segments and based on the client’s status in the Wealth Creation Model – Launch, Hypergrowth, Reinvent. We endeavor to create value within specific segments of the organization. We also have proven positive benefits by providing improvement that will spread across all parts of the business.

Our Business Strategy Management & Implementation Services

We offer a large array of specific types of products and services tailored to your specific type of business. We walk alongside each owner, and help provide the knowledge and tools for them to succeed in updating and implementing their business strategy. We provide Consultancy Services for:

  • Small Business; Entrepreneurs; various specialist industry segments; Corporate Divisions; covering the key areas of People Management, Process Improvement and Technology Enablement.
  • Risk Management Review and Solutions.

Business Financial Strategy Services

We specialize in helping owners of private companies to:

  • MAXIMIZE CASH FLOW from their retirement assets by using uncommon strategies that are SAFE & TAX EFFICIENT.
  • Plan to exit their business & retire SECURELY.
  • Reward and retain their KEY executives.
  • Fix their business continuity & BUY-SELL planning.
  • Long-term tax MITIGATION through integration & efficiency.
  • Integrate, coordinate, fill gaps in business and life insurance.