Case Study: Stonehouse Consulting Helps Client Boost Efficiency with New Management Software

Replacement of Business Management Software – 3 Phased Approach – Specification, Selection, Implementation

Our client is involved in professional services and its business is growing rapidly. The client has agreed that it needs to review and replace its business systems and update procedures accordingly. The client has indicated they need business systems to be more effective and more efficient for its management team, and its employees in the management and daily running of its business, which is currently in a growth phase.

With no common data structure and no integration between systems there is a lot of repetitive data capture and as a result ineffective processes and productivity plus very poor business reporting capabilities with the use of spreadsheets.

The client engaged Stonehouse Consulting to provide project assistance across three phases to specify, select, and implement new system solutions covering all aspects of its business needs.

The first phase of the engagement was to prepare the specification of its business requirements and needs to facilitate the selection of an appropriate solution. We built a specification that covered all aspects of their business from marketing and lead generation, through succeeding in converting leads to clients, then using predefined workflows to manage each project and client deliverables. At the same time capturing all employee project times and costs, as well as full financial management. The client management then requires reporting dashboards that can provide daily synopsis of all aspects of the business.

There is a need for a single entry data structure system that enables one-time data capture with availability through integration to all business modules. It would also provide a very flexible real-time reporting capability across all those modules in dashboards pre-set for different user requirements.

In reviewing potential solutions, we determined a primary vendor solution that could meet all requirements.

A key element for us in assisting the client has been to help determine their ROI on the investment to implement this new solution – through savings on monthly license fees, efficiencies over existing systems in data duplication and spreadsheet reporting, with the availability of accurate utilization data for better and extra use of staff. The result will be a 50% saving on monthly software license fees and ongoing productivity improvements that more than cover the implementation and project costs.

The client will also have a software solution that will help to facilitate their future growth and profitability.

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